Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, credit/debit cards or checks. Checks require government identification (drivers license) and are subject to fees if returned for insufficient funds. Personal checks are not accepted on the day of delivery. We do accept organisation checks (churches, schools, businesses) on the day of delivery with prior approval.


Q: What is your standard service area?

A:  Because the GameZone Party Trailer is self contained, we can set up almost anywhere there is ample level parking. We can easily setup at homes, businesses, pools, schools, sports fields, churches, community centers, etc. 


Q: How much space does Game Zone Truck Unit need ?

A: Our Mobile Video Game Theater ideally needs a level area to insure the best playing conditions. We require approximately 50' of fairly level space for parking, plus some room to pull in and out. The GameZone Party Trailer should fit in front of almost any house but may block your driveway. In parking lots we take up to 6-7 parking spaces. The ability to pull straight into curb-side parking is preferred as parallel parking a 30' foot trailer can be challenging. 


Q: How many participants can fit in and out of the Game Zone Truck Unit?

A: The GameZone Truck Unit was designed to maximize the amount of space inside our theater. Up to 16 players can play and interact inside at the same time. An additional 8 players can play outside (Weather Providing) for a total of up to 24 players. 


Q:Is there a minimum age for the gamers?

A:While people can start gaming at a very young age, we ask participants be able to read and take directions from our Game Coaches. Therefore, we do ask for at least one adult /host to be present to help supervise younger children.


Q: How can I book a party/event? 

A: Booking is easy! Simply click the "Book a Party!" button at the top of this page. When internet access is not available feel free to give us a ring at (386)438-0368.


Q: What is your refund/cancellation policy? 

A:Fortunately, the GameZone provides an awesome environment, rain or shine. If you cancel your event with more than 14 days prior to your event you are entitled to a full refund. Events canceled with less than 14 days prior to the event are NOT eligible for a refund.  No shows: When GameZone Truck arrives to deliver our service and you are not at the delivery address, you will be charged for the full event. There are no refunds for services performed. If we are unable to deliver service, there is no charge.


Q:Do you need to plug into my power or have an available power on site?

A: The GameZone Party Trailer is a fully self-contained unit. We have our own generator on board that provides power to run all of our systems. There is no need to plug into any outside power source.


Q: What games are available? 

A: GameZone Truck features the top games available for the XBOX(One & 360), Wii and PS3/PS4 systems. We carry a comprehensive catalog of games ranging from E to M ratings. The GameZone Truck is meant to be a social gaming experience so most of our games are for multi-players. This provides a competitive social gaming experience.  If you have a special request please call us prior to your event. 


Q: How about the weather? Too hot? Too cold? 

A: Our GameZone Truck  is a self-contained, insulated, and climate controlled environment. We have air conditioning to keep you cool in the hot weather and heater to keep you warm in cooler weather. 


Q: Can you have food or drinks inside the Game Zone Party Unit?

A: We request that all food and drinks remain outside of the Mobile Theaterdue to the sensitive nature of the electronics inside the trailer 


Q: Do parents need to supervise? 

A: We request that one responsible adult remains at the event for it's duration. Parents are more than welcome to board the GameZone Truck . However, it is not required. 


Q: Do you provide cake, food, or drinks? 

A: At this time we do not provide food or drinks at our events.

Q: What other services do you provide? How do I book them? 

Check back frequently as we have plans to add more services for your entertainment.


Q: Is it appropriate to tip the Game Zone Coach who hosts the event? 

A: Gratuity is not required but always appreciated. Our game coaches work hard before, during and after the event. If it helps, the majority of our clients tip for a job well done.