Terms & Conditions


Please be advised that at GAMEZONE TRUCK, FULL PAYMENT is required upon confirmation of your reservation in order to hold date. We understand things happen, so should a cancellation be necessary, a full refund will be provided if notice is given 14 days or more prior to your event. There will be NO REFUND if the event is canceled within 14 days of the scheduled event.



Lake City, Live Oak and Jasper has NO mileage charge

Within 10 miles of Lake City, FL............$0
Outside 10 miles of Lake City, FL..........$1/mile (one way charge)



Q: How about the weather? Too hot? Too cold?

A: Our GameZone Truck is a self-contained, insulated, and climate controlled environment. We have air conditioning to keep you cool in the hot weather and heater to keep you warm in cooler weather. In the event of severe weather (lightning, very high winds, extremely heavy rain, etc.) we may (and reserve the right to) reschedule your service to guarantee the safety of you & your guests, our staff and the equipment. Please let us know if the threat of these storms threatens your party and you are aware in advance to begin rescheduling.

Children Supervision:

We request that one responsible adult remains at the event for it's duration. Parents are more than welcome to board the GameZone Truck . However, it is not required.


ALCOHOL/DRUGS: We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or cut short any party or booking if alcohol is being served. Drugs of any sort WON'T be tolerated in or around the equipment. Any observed use of illegal narcotics or legal narcotics used in an illegal manner will result in the immediately termination of the party.



GameZone Truck reserves the right to charge the client’s credit card for damages to the trailer or equipment resulting from the careless or willful damage of same by clients guests. Neither GameZone Truck nor its employees assume any responsibility for any injuries sustained on the clients property or their designated location. All liability for damages or injuries are the sole responsibility of the client or host.



We may use photos taken during the event on our Facebook page and/or our web site. If you do not want these pictures taken or posted on the Fan Page please contact us prior to the party or let the us know immediately upon our arrival. We provide this service to our guests so they can be sure to capture their party as it happens.

By Submitting Payment you agree to these terms.



In the event that you are dissatisfied with our service, GameZone Truck will undertake its best efforts to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. If you still remain dissatisfied after GameZone Truck's attempts to resolve the matter, the following terms and conditions apply.


In event of sickness or of accident to anyone that has booked GameZone Truck,  or if a booking is prevented,  rendered impossible or infeasible for any reason or by any regulation of any public authority or bureau, act of God, civil tumult, strike, epidemic,  interruption in or delay or transportation services, war conditions or emergencies,  or any cause beyond the control of GameZone Party Truck LLC,  it is understood and agreed that there shall be no claim for damages by either party to this Agreement,  and GameZone Truck's obligation as to such booking  shall be deemed waived and all funds previously paid to GameZone Truck by PURCHASER hereunder,  as a deposit or otherwise, shall be immediately refunded. However,  if in the sole discretion of GameZone Truck is ready, willing and able to carry out the booking hereunder,  no force majeure or other events shall relieve PURCHASER of its obligations under this Agreement,  including PURCHASER’s obligation to pay the total compensation.

By Submitting Payment you agree to these terms.